Kelsey (sidhedancer) wrote,


random musings of my brain.
don't worry it isn't supposed to make sense to you
future reference for me

you create a sound.
a perfect sound.
some kind of trigger with the sound- gesture, device...etc?.
IT comes into being like liquid glass, dream clouds, bubble breaking backwards, peel away a face then reverse the footage.
It- unknown, undefined, complex, simple, beautiful,awful, destructive, decorative, living, sentient, illusion.
The perfect sound- intricate work, natural talent,unconscious ability, deep study, planning, engineering, magic, artistic and technical skill
THe forming- should feel like ab resonate full bell chiming

{just finished stardance trilogy, think mirror mask, car commercial with the forming car, think amelie, it's "that" call from ginger to brittany,the moon thru vague clouds not hidden not shrouded but almost like looking through chiffon wanting to dance - want to call danse or celt boy}
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