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i smell good!

So, I went back to work today.

I had a GREAT vacation!  I didn't realize how much I missed rennies.  The festival was loads of fun.  I will be dancing with macabre whenever possible from now forward. 
I got to spend lots of time with my Alexi, always a happy thing.

I did spend Way too much money, but it made me happy.  I had a really good week. I spent time with good people.  Bought things that I will truly enjoy, without feeling mountains of guilt.  Barely kept myself from spending $450 on knife that should be mine, that IS mine only the knife hasn't found it's way into my poccession yet.

My toe however, is in absurd amounts of pain.  I will most likely have to go to highland hospital emergency room in the next few weeks and spend an extrorbident amount of time in the waiting room until they probably do minor surgery to remove the evil EVIL planters warts.
yah, otherwise things are good

life looks brighter

I'm feeling a lift

sometimes I slip, but there is some lift
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