Kelsey (sidhedancer) wrote,

what it takes to have me...

The Prestige

somehow I missed this movie until now...
I only wish I had discovered it sooner, that I might have seen as many times over as may have been

I am buying the book, and soon
hopefully I may pull a monologue from the novel

and it reminds me
the way Lisa Dillon did, and Wicked
it reminds me why
why I am who I am, why anything else would simply not be enough
that is what can be, that is what must be given,
the whole of me, nothing left to spare and consequently everything

how could I think that I could be happy in any other way
it calls to me
it always has, it always will
without it I would be incomplete
an it comes to that, not even I would want me

it owns me

because without it I cannot own myself...
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